YSTO! StarTalk 



StarTalk is our self-talking exercise. 



We look to the skies, we wish, we feel, we create. We talk to our Higher Self, to our inner presence.


It´s when we remember we are ONE, when we connect to our deepest hearts! 


I´ve chosen this name, thinking of the necessity in sharing my daily insights, in my writings, 

training, and books. 


Here you will find all the possibility of sharing inner wisdom, life discoveries, knowledge, coaching, philosophy, and arts.


Arts in all forms! 


Personally, I do something extraordinary: Talking to the stars. 


And what about you? Are you extraordinary? Are you living your life in your highest level? 

Are you getting conscious of this important exercise we all should do?



When you´re talking to the stars, you´re talking to yourself. Then, you´ll be able to understand correctly the power of this exercise, by releasing negative energy and attracting positive energy!  


Self-taking is a sign of being a true genius! 


In this section, you´ll have the opportunity to discover about yourself, through these insights. Those insights received from One Love, the inner heart, inside of us. If you are receiving positive insights about improving mankind, respecting universal laws, respecting human rights, then you will be able to manifest your best self, through

the One Substance that is inside of us all. I hope you want to understand you are unique, you are special, you are ONE with everyone, apart from cultural divisions or nationalities. 


Always remember: You´re still the one!