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What is the Gaiatri Gaia experience?

We are coming from the stars, in another solar system. But here on the Earth, we are coming from Southern Brazil, nonetheless we all flow internationally too. So, we develop new platforms and apps at YSTO!, also new startups and new projects, research, products/services in technology and education

We are super inspired by the focus of Awakening + Self-awareness. 
So, we created a new platform called Gaiatri Gaia, super focused on this type of content.

We had a satori, the YSTO! moment, after a deep meditation in a super amazing level of samadhi. We felt the Oneness and the Allness in the heart. We created it all from the heart without duality or polarity, only for the highest good

will bring the best leaders around the cosmos and connect everyone inside of this platform/app. We are focused on the awakening expansion worldwide also on the possibility to grow up as a person from the heart and soul. It resonates with our search for Self-awareness in our existence as yogis.


You´re Still The One


What is the Gaiatri Gaia Experience?

What is YSTO!  

We are a group of amazing friends focused on self-awareness and awakening. After our search for Awakening, we found in our out-of-body experience the ultimate level of samadhi. At that level we found the OCEAN OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


That ultimate level is YSTO! You´re Still The One ideal, when we become UNIQUE and PRECIOUS in AllnessTHE PERFECT RETURN or FINAL LIBERATION. All you need is yoga and meditation in the heart by the Sunlight. A special series of pranayamas can create a better flow.


We found the ultimate level of consciousness which is Unity Consciousness into the INFINITY.  It was a dying process for us. We need to die for our old loops and sansara, old habits and old patterns, old self. We needed to release it all. We needed to flow through our HIGHER SELF! Only from the heart.


We needed to reset our lives for a brighter future.

We practiced several hours of meditation in to find out the Oneness and Allness, The Higher Self inside of us, coming from the heartset.

We have been practicing yoga and meditation for many years. We are yogis from the heart and soul. 

We are coming from a Higher Sense of Purpose (DHARMA). We love this planet Earth from the bottom of our hearts. We are here for a Higher Reason: Awakening and Self-awareness. We are here for a new horizon and a new momentum in the continuum! We are here for a HIGHER CALLING. We are here for the cooperation and harmony. Harmonizing the differences is The Path. We are here to Harmonize all differences in life. 

Our events are online and physical (in the future). They have a special purpose which is bringing people together to create satori and awakening, to create YSTO! moments, moments they need to change and improve. We are here to bring new questions and new levels of understanding. We are here to improve our consciousness or simply manifest our Higher Self in all POTENTIALITY, in all ELEVATION. We are here to expand our consciousness levels for a HIGHER REASON. We are here to bring people together and diminish the separation or duality or polarity.

We are here for a LOVE SUPREME PURPOSE. That is the flow we are in. We are coming from the HEART, only the HEART. We are all brothers and sisters coming from the Same Principle. No need to create wars or violence or crimes or anything broken. Time to ascend and to focus on the Virtues. Time to focus on the education of the next generations. 



Picture to demonstrate the possibility of the online event. Illustration.


The world is shifting faster again – and the TRUTH is: É YSTO!, that´s it! It’s never going “back” to the normal way it was before.  

if you need to experience YOUR life at the next level... You have to take the next level holothinking: thought + feeling + energy + intention + attitude

DREAMS COME TRUE! É YSTO!  This is it! That´s it!   YES! YES! YES!   YSTO!

This is the time – just like Billy Joel said once!  This is your last train home, just like John Mayer said once! This is your last train home to join YSTO! and crush the limitations that you've put on yourself or all of that the world has tried to use against you to put you down... 


Never settle back to normal again. Break free from ordinary thoughts through YSTO!. Time to become beyond the normal! No more new normal! No more normosis!

Prefer to speak to someone about our events? Call us at (+55) (42) 3301-6425   or  e-mail us:

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