About YSTO!   

Yes, we can describe ourselves with this sentence: You´re Still The One. 


We are a new and upcoming education movement for inner peace, a new ed-tech startup based on neuroscience, yoga/meditation, philosophy, humanitarian education and coaching/mentoring.


If we apply these principles in our lives, we will have a better life quality and better results. 


We focus our work on professional development and high-performance.  Education and technology are the main tools to develop an amazing work.

We help our clients in learning soft skills, helping them to achieve their positive professional and personal goals. 


Skillset is the key!  We are able to customize our education system, called ystology - the technology of consciousness, into absolutely all walks of life worldwide.

You will be able to feel what we call YSTO! Xperience in One of our business events worldwide.  

Always remember, be your Higher Self, because: You´re Still The One!