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High Performance Training


Inside YSTO! Academy, we developed soft skills in a format of high-performance training, through our education system, called ystology - the technology of consciousness.

Inside ystology, you can develop:
a) Holothinking: Develop a better frequency/vibration in your holothinking 
(thought + feeling + energy + intention + attitude). 
Then, you can go to the next level of your consciousness, by activating your heartset and achieving your dreams and goals through high-performance training. You can speed up 108x everything you want.  Remember the purpose of your life and life this ystological life, a through conscious new ystory from the heart and soul!! Create serenity and harmony from the inside out. Be free from all the broken conflicts.

b) Creativity and Imagination: We are not learning about creativity and imagination inside our school systems. We need to know that AI is here, and everything will change. Are you ready for the change?
All professions and jobs will change. We need to know how to reinvent ourselves and create new skills to perform better in our lives. Start the skills of creativity and imagination! Then, you are going to reinvent yourself and also create new ideas.

c) Entrepreneurship + Innovation: We need to have the Startup Mindset forever and ever. Why? Only then we can have a super profitable business and financial freedom. Learn how to create your high-performance business through Lean Startup + Design Thinking + Growth HackingWith new strategies of digital marketing, you can recreate new possibilities for your entrepreneurial innovation! Apply ystology in all walks of life and for life purposes! You will have massive success! 100% sure!

d) Communication: Learn how to communicate your ideas, with a higher level of speaking impact, in many languages. Create a higher level of your communication in a live event, business meeting, or anything around the presentation in public. Travel more and know how to interact with other cultures. We can expand our consciousness levels through universalism!

e) Self-Awareness and Awakening
We need to achieve the ONE LEVEL, UNIQUE LEVEL, the YSTO! level. We can create ourselves with Unity and Oneness. We can practice yoga/meditation, in a new way to elevate our consciousness levels, by finding the Higher Self. Discover the potentiality of your human power.
Discover your human potential right now.
Become the Super Human, and live the super life.
The ystological life, with a new ystory!

Mother Gaia, Mother Earth is waiting for your new you! She is waiting for your next level and upgrade
of your consciousness levels! Live this Unique YSTORY! 
Live this interstellar friendship by the idea of
amistar = create friendships around the planet. This cosmic fraternity in AWE, in YSTO! level.
Cosmoethics and fraternalism now! Your time is now! 
You can wake up from your past and release the past behind.  


f) 5AM: We can remove the limited belief system, and learn a new belief system, right now.
We can create another life momentum by improving the way we perceive life.
We can break the belief system from the past. 

We can create discipline routines, through our sadhana.
We can create liberation of the normosis. 
No more self-sabotage. We can create a more positive attitude and higher studies. Organization, time management, holothinking, dream team, inexorable faith, elevated holothinking, constant flow, perseverance, virtues, inexorable, sonen, kindness, right understanding.

Wake up for your Infinity, your Infinite Potential, your ystological life, your new ystory!

The Infinite capabilities! The time is now!

g) Personality creation and definitions of the Self:
Here at YSTO!, we are creating the next generation of amazing personalities, super well trained and produced.
We are producing new people for the next level of our humankind.

New artists, professors, scientists, philosophers, writers, entrepreneurs, and many other professions...
all of them might have the most amazing Unique mission: Bring Harmony and Cooperation, bring Kindness and Love, bring Surrender and Flow, bring Respect and Coexistence.

All of them are connected to the most important ideal, which is flowing through the heart and soul!

The next level of our humankind is inside YSTO!.
We come from the HEART for the HEART with the HEART.
All for One. One for All.

h) Emotional Intelligence and Balance
It is important to create decisions based on a new perspective, with the right emotional intelligence and balance, constant flow, and perseverance. Serenity and inner elevation.
We need to improve our new lifestyle from another integration of the Self.
We can obtain emotional intelligence with higher studies and higher equilibrium

i) Momentum, Continuum, State of Flow, Harmony:

Continuum, State of Flow, Harmony
All of that can create the raising vibration and frequency.
for the next level of our concentration and attention! You can reduce stress and anxiety, fear and worries. You can anticipate the conflict right now.

The superhuman, the super ystologist might focus on:

Achieving Higher Levels of Samadhi and Awakening
Achieving Higher Levels of Financial Success
Achieving Higher Levels of Professional Success
Achieving Higher Levels of the Super Life, the histological life!
Achieving Higher Levels of the Cosmoethics Holothinking in ONE Fraternity, the universalism!
Achieving Higher Levels of the Superior Consciousness!
Achieving the Expansion of Consciousness inside the Universalism!
Achieving Oneness and Unity, by being ONE within all the civilizations around the cosmos, the humanities, and the persons around Earth... All ONE EARTH...
Achieving superior levels of emotional intelligence and equilibrium
or serenity inside the holothinking...

We are specialists in producing people, the new leaders for the next century, the new professionals, and the new amazing people focused on High Performance... We create the next generation of superhumans, the superheroes in all areas, sports + arts + business + science, etc...

The New Genius Person is you! The New Tesla is you! The New Einstein is you! Because You´re Still The One!
The New Vivaldi is you! The New Mozart is you! The New Superhero is you! 

The New Joe Satriani or Petrucci is you! The New Oprah is you! The New Larry Page/Sergey Brin is you!

The New Keith Urban is you! The New Dr. Erin is you! The New Edu Lobo is you! The New Tom Jobim too!
The New Thomas Edison is you! The New Sidarta is you! The New Tony Robbins is you!
The New Sivananda is you! 

Start to believe!

It is possible to achieve all of our dreams and goalsssssssssssssssss!

Be Heart Driven!

Be your Higher Self

The Great Awakening

We are specialized in developing some new genius and new high performance professionals.  

Be a New Genius 

High Performance Training


Speak Up! 
If you tried to study languages but you didn´t achieve success, this is your training. We teach about how to improve our communication levels, our public speaking, and influence with the power of our voice. Activate your throat and heart chakra to have the proper influence for the highest good.



5 AM 
If you want to develop new skills and new habits
this is the right training. How about waking up before the Sunrise?
How about create a more positive mindset and goal setting?
With 5AM you can improve your life habits super faster.


Startup Mindset 
Do you want to learn better strategies in how to develop a successful
startup from scratch? How about learning Design Thinking and Growth
This is the time to bring innovation and creativity! Here
you can develop a better mindset and a better flow in expanding
your mindset about startup development!


Marketing Mind 
Do you wanna know the best strategies to set up your marketing
and new possibilities to expand your business online?
What about learning about the power of branding and the right
? We have all the right skills to improve our business!


What about learning self-awareness and awakening? What about
learning the human capabilities and the hidden powers we all have
inside our hearts? What about discovering our human potentiality?
What about discovering our ancestry and awakening our hidden powers
by going into the Higher Self?


What about learning the best strategies to create
a better life understanding of your existence? 
Discover the power of the Higher Self through yoga and
! Discover the power of the being through ystology!


Ystology Trainer
What about learning the best strategies and the best tools to improve your life 108x faster? What about learning how to become the super ystology trainer and inspire billions worldwide?
What about learning how to become one of our certified trainers by obtaining our official program training. Here you can learn about ystology in-depth and inspire
everyone with your example of inspiration and higher levels of success!

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