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YSTO! University 

The University of Freedom


Many Universities don´t promote the Universalism of Ideas or the connecting of the dots. They only focus on their titles and financial or political power, only chalala memememememememe.

They don´t promote the right integration of the departments and knowledge in between.  They separate each other in egos.

They don´t recognize each other as interstellar brothers and sisters. They don´t cooperate and enter in harmony.  It is always gossip and fights, problems and talks talks talks.

They don´t accelerate or speed up the results of research without being inside politics.  

They create competition and they never focus on partnerships or collaboration. Some of them might be amazing, of course. 


Nonetheless, I am saying about the limited ones.
The circular hierarchy from the heart must be applied.

We should have flying cars, integration in between the cosmic civilizationsDNA advancements and genetics into a higher self.  

We need to have a minimum universal income.
We need to have fewer wars or crimes of violence. 
We need to inspire ystology worldwide. 

We need to have the right understanding with the right holothinking into the nooooooooooooow!

We are promoting new professions and new possibilities for income. 

We are providing new types of professions!

We want to create the University of Freedom!

In Superior Levels of Consciousness! Freedom on all levels!

We want to inspire the EUREKA or A-ha moment!

Research and innovation, acceleration of startups!
The YSTO! Moment! That´s it! É YSTO!.


The right ideas with the right resultssssssssssssssssss! Time is now! 

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