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What´s ystology - the technology of consciousness?

Did you notice that technology is super fast in terms of advancement, but unfortunately, our education system is the same? We decoded our starseed education system from another galaxy called ystology - the technology of consciousness. We created an amazing new education system capable of training all the best skills for the future, all the most important skills of us to live the ystological life: awakening/self-awareness / startup mindset/entrepreneurship/tech skills / philosophy / physical and mental health / sports / heart coherence / circle of virtues/artistry/creativity + imagination, finances/investing, and many other important skills for us to strive in life. We create software for you to access all of our content in ONE PURPOSE. Then, you create the self-development and self-analysis with the support of the ystology mentors

Connecting the Dots + Universalism = Polymath leader = ystologist, the ystology trainer...

What´s purpose?

Our purpose is to create awakening inside the Planet Earth and around the Cosmos, in other civilizations too. Bring satori and samadhi levels for everyone, free access to what is in the heart and soul. Bring YSTO! moments (that´s it or a-ha moments) for everyone, according to their levels of consciousness and their unique conscious plans. Bring new possibilities of growth and expansion of the consciousness levels. 


Who is Carlos Canteri?

Carlos Canteri

Yogi / Entrepreneur / Artist / Philosopher / Software engineer / Data Scientist / UX/UI Designer / Author / ystology trainer

CEO | Founder of YSTO!

:: About

I’m all for the Inner Heart

the awakening that leads to Inner Freedom. 

If I needed to define myself I´d say I am:

A Seeker, A Lover,  An Achiever, ​A Dreamer.

A seeker: All I know is that I´m seeking for the essence in life. I´m seeking for enlightenment, by being beyond the normal, in everything I do.


A lover: Love is absolutely the essence of life. We were born to love The Source, also to love each other, to love ourselves. When we find the supreme love of God, we find true happiness. 

An achiever: Yes. I´m a super achiever. Considering that I was born in a medium class family, based in Southern Brazil, by the young age, I needed to study and work harder than others, in order to have a better life. So, I consider myself a new leader in this life, with one simple mission: Persevere until the end. Keep flowing no matter what, said my heartset.


A dreamer: Yes. I dream a lot. I dream because I am a leader. And if you are a true leader, you must have an open wide vision about your future, and fight for it. I´m positive and I act with a real plan and strategy, in order to achieve my highest dreams in life.


It´s important to have the right dream, by knowing ourselves deeply, in our essence. Dreams are totally different from illusions.



:: Skills

:: YSTO! Starseed Talk

Creativity / Imagination




Teaching/Sharing Wisdom


Coding / Data Science

UX-UI Design / Branding







Meditation / Yoga

Communication / Speaking / Languages

Blue Leadership 




This video has been deleted.

:: Courses

Speak Up! (Communication)

Sunrise (yoga/meditation)​

Flow (fluidity of thought + flow)

Startup Mindset (Entrepreneurship)

Breakthrough (awakening)

5AM (habits + holothinking)

YSTOLOGY trainer

(ystology certification)


All in ONE


You´re Still The One

:: Content

We created an amazing software called ystology - the technology of consciousness for you to learn about it all, in super synch in the flow of the Universalism and Heart Coherence.