Enjoy our Unique event called YSTO! Xperience

We need to live the ystological life, a super ystory based on the Higher Self.   We can live this Unique ystological life focused on the Eternal Prosperity, Freedom, Purpose, Health, Harmony, Inner Happiness and flow. What is the new ystory you wanna bring to the planet? It is time to create your new ystory

The great awakening  | the ancestors of life

past behind



7h of content per day |  Classes with ystology trainers  |  3 days immersion in ystology - the technology of consciousness

Live broadcasting + chat interaction  

E-books + Platform + Live classes 1h week + Certification 

We need to speed up the results in life. How to expand 10 years in ONE?

Enjoy the ystology community based on The Heart! The new leaders of the future: ystologists!

The great luminaries and main figures of the next century! The super heroes and super humans of High Performance, in Superior Levels of Consciousness. The Unique Level! ONE Level!

Our mission is to rescue the family bonds in between each other as ONE family, One Mankind, Unity, and Cooperation.
We need to harmonize our differences. Focus on the Higher Virtues and Superior Levels of Consciousness.
One for All. All for One.  We need to erase all nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, wars and violence, all crimes and diseases. 
We need to erase poverty and greed, pollution and sorrow.

Focus on the Endless Prosperity in all senses.
We want to create super humankind within the ascension of consciousness, in constant progress. 
It is not utopia, it is reality, the Super Reality, away from the matrix of control and fear.
The inexorable sonen (deepest feeling) is here.

Mother Gaia + Cooperation + Harmony and Respect = YSTO!


Create your ystological ystory, to transmute your life in all levels of consciousness.
Send us an e-mail to info@ysto.org