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Franchising - YSTO! 

If you are interested in expanding YSTO! with us, a new upcoming ed tech focused on innovation in education, technology, and health, this is the time, just like Billy Joe used to say!

For what reason you should bring YSTO! to your life?

Philosophical reasons to acquire your YSTO! franchising:

1) We are a new ed tech, a super amazing upcoming company focused on the innovation of education, health, and technology.  We want to improve your mental health!

2) We customize our solutions for your new lifestyle in order to help you to achieve your dreams and ideals. We want to become one of the best companies in the world. A world-class company

3) We have a follow-up process of your performance, with customized training for all the partners at YSTO!, with live and online events. We want to offer all entrepreneurs a higher level of franchising with high ticket quality and high-level methodology, training, and support.  

4) We are focused on constant innovation, with the lean startup mindset in mind. We always want to bring new ideas, inventions, innovations, and strategies to all partners.

5) We are a new educational movement focused on awakening, clarity, and ascension at all levels. We are focused on the high-performance lifestyle, the YSTO! Life.  

6) We are here to rescue mankind from limitation, by creating new mechanisms of cooperation, ethics, solidarity, higher levels of morality, creativity, imagination, surrender, joy, and happiness in respect of human rights and universal laws, through the human virtues.  

7) We train all of our professionals to become ystology trainers. With our certification program, we can create a super powerful movement to impact and inspire society to a new lifestyle with more consciousness.  

8) We want to create a great community of amazing ystology leaders worldwide.  

9) We desire to create some new genius super-humans, the next level of mankind by raising the vibration/frequency and consciousness levels of all members. We want a new level for mankind, more sustainable, harmonious, highly developed, heart-driven, financially free, and intellectually free.  We are inspired by God in super advanced societies coming from higher levels of Light Frequency.

10) We want to help mankind in creating the rescue of ancestral values, by improving our system. We want to be able to extinct poverty, mind control, unemployment, diseases, hunger, violence of all kinds, civil conflicts, crimes, and wars of all types. We want to erase all weapons from all countries, by creating new international laws to inspire that movement for harmony

For investors: 

How to install YSTO! in your business or how to acquire a new unit for your portfolio?

1) Send an e-mail:

2) Wait for our response. 

3)Schedule a business meeting to close the deal.  

4)Start the journey at YSTO!. 

YSTO! is a new company focused on creating a higher impact in our society.

We have different possibilities for growth. 

Our products and services are:

a) YSTO! Physical Units: It is a place with a combination of ambients such as a coffee shop (healthy food) + gym therapy area + library (reading) + Academy (online courses) + coworking  yoga/meditation + integrative medicine and nutrition + clothing store + meeting rooms. Focus on mental health and human development.

b) Software: We will create a portfolio of apps including ystory which is focused on a new social media created for mental health and awakening. 

c) Hardware: We will create our own computers, cellphones, and electronic devices with our powerful branding

d) Business Consultancy/Assistance: With the idea of a lean startup we will create the business mentoring to scale new ideas or startups and also to create innovation in companies using technology and new concepts. 

e) YSTO! United: An area for diplomacy and international relations at YSTO! We are focused on creating harmony and global connections.

f) YSTO! Xperience: A super expanded live event inspired by the great Tony Robbins.

g) YSTO! University: A new model for university based on new courses and professions.

h) YSTO! Academy: A new model for schools and learning. Focused on kids and teens.

i) YSTO! Real State: New smart houses with solar panels and new architecture. Iot included.

j) YSTO! Valley: A new Silicon Valley in Southern Brazil.

l) YSTO! Net: Internet and communication services for Brazil and USA.

m) YSTO!.com/YSTO! Ads:  A new search engine with AI integration. A new online ads system.

n) A new social media with the focus on awakening and mental health. A new social movement for meditation. 

o) A new platform to connect freelancers with companies and new clients. 

p) A new platform focused on music streaming and social media for musicians. Inspired by the great myspace.

q) A new platform focused on video streaming. Innovation of video streaming platforms.

q) A new social media focused on audio and small texts.

r) A new education system focused on a high performance training to develop the consciousness/mind/brain.

Be YSTO!, Be Unique, Be a business partner in high-performance.

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